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Congratulations to all teams that raced WildsideAR 12/24 Wauchope Edition.

You all raced like legends tackling big hills, hot days and tough terrain. Well done to Team 17 Husband, wife & 2 fit blokes on winning the T4 24 race and BMX bandits Team 9 on winning the T2 category. It was a great race at the front with the lead changing on multiple occasions. In the 12hr race Team 2 The Old & the New came first overall and in the T2 category. Team 3 half Arsed Mongrels won the T4 category. Again the front was tight and it was great to have the team of 2 and a father and son team win.


Teams List


12hr race 

The old and the new (2)

Scott Taylor
Brock Taylor

12hr race

Half Arsed Mongrels (3)

Grant Watson
Jason Thomas
Ian Gray
Graham Francis 


12hr race

Charvon (4)

Charne Lindsay
Von Johnston


12hr race

Not sure yet (5)

Daniel Walsh
Kym Griffiths


12hr race

K team (6)

Annabelle Martin
Kirsty Muir
Russell Collins
Michael Bolton


12hr race

It's all good (8)

Tim Jacobs
Michael Doughtery



12hr race

Maggio's Cafe Race Team (181)

Sean Burke
Phillip Trestka


24hr race

Travel Play Live AR WAG's (1)

Kerryann Hayes
Heather Freeman
Sharron Brown
Brooke Dormor


24hr race

Flintoff Lawyers (7)

Tracey Flintoff
Greg Porter
David McDonald
Scott Pomroy


24hr race

BMX Bandits (9)

Dave Ellis
Jason Rutkowski


24hr race

Beauty and the Beast (11)

James Brodie
Andrew Smythe


24hr race

Bill and Ange (12)

Angela Farrell
Bill Silvester


24hr race

Red Rocket (13)

Craig Bycroft
Peter Young


24hr race

Fully Rad Tiger Adventure (14)

Elizabeth Woodgate
Adrian Whatmore
Tess Ladner
James Rush


24hr race

Up the Creek (15)

Darren Harrow
Shane Field


24hr race

Husband, Wife + 2 fit blokes (17)

Chris Delaney
Michelle Delaney
Gavin Cole
Hugh Stodart


24hr race

Over Yonder Racing (18)

Ben Cirulis
Alice King


24hr race

Peak Adventure (19)

James Pretto
Su Pretto


24hr race

Tacking Point Geo Team (20)

Murray Thompson
Graham Carey
Nick Bullock
Colin Thompson


24hr race

Mixed Resultz (131)

Michael Reed
Emily Stewart-Reed


Race Shots



Mixed Results Race Reports

Race Reports Husband and Wife Team

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