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The best way to be part of the race if you cannot participate is to become a volunteer.

Volunteering is a great way to get right into the action and no race can run without volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of WildsideAR and we would love to have you come and work with us. Volunteering is also a great way to see if expedition racing is your thing.



Who volunteers?

20141007-1182They are people from all backgrounds who enjoy being part of adventure races, like getting outside, learn new skills and contributing to something different. Many volunteers are also friends or family members of racers and want to get involved and share the experience.

What kind of commitment is involved?

20141005-9111WildsideAR volunteering involves a week long commitment with long hours and in remote locations. We provide formal volunteer briefings before each event to explain each volunteer’s role. The roles vary, and may include helping with registration, managing transition areas, manning check points or timing points, and marshalling.

If you are interested please drop us an email

All you need to do is reach the registration venue then we will cover your travel, accommodation costs and feed you during the race.

Plus all volunteers will receive cool race gear.

Come and be part of the action.


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Fully Rad AdventuresFully Rad Adventures
Fully Rad Adventures is Australia’s newest adventure event company. We love the outdoors, adventures, exploring, racing, pushing boundaries and new experiences. Join us on our crusade to get more people outside, creating adventure and having fun.

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