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WildsideAR is about the journey - discovering that adventure is everywhere. It is about challenging competitors, taking them to new places and out of their comfort zone. WildsideAR is also about showcasing a region - providing an opportunity to connect people with places and communities.


WildsideAR will be one of the must do adventure races in Australia, attracting national and international teams.


WildsideAR Expedition Edition is a biannual (every 2 years) event, aligned with major events in the adventure racing calendar. It will be held adjacent to the October long weekend starting on the public holiday Monday and finishing the following Friday. The maximum a team will have to complete the course will be 120 hours. WildsideAR12/24 Edition is held in between years and is a short hard core adventure race giving teams a taste of what expedition racing is all about.

The race

As the name suggests WildsideAR will take racers to the wild sides of places. Teams will navigate through spaces and places rarely visited. They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night. This is expedition racing - teams need to be self-sufficient. They will pack supply tubs which will be moved around the course and carry equipment, food and first aid supplies with them. The planning and strategy that goes along with this style of racing is a skill within itself.

The course

The course makes the race. WildsideAR is about discovery and will capture the unique sites within a region but from a completely different perspective. Competitors will move through the course by navigating to checkpoints on foot, mountain bike and kayak. They can expect to be pushed to the limit.

The course and CP placement will be designed with options. For places a team will have to complete all legs and secure all CP’s however slower teams may elect to skip legs and/or drop particular CP’s in the interests of finishing the race within time cut offs. This will keep the race ‘moving’ and teams closer together. Time cut offs will be enforced in the interests of safety.

We will be fine tuning the course and format constantly to make sure that this is the best race experience you can have, so the details will be as perfect as we can make them!

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Fully Rad Adventures is Australia’s newest adventure event company. We love the outdoors, adventures, exploring, racing, pushing boundaries and new experiences. Join us on our crusade to get more people outside, creating adventure and having fun.

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