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Adventure Racing

Multiple disciplines combined with navigation in remote locations that test equipment and athlete - this is adventure racing. Races often include trekking, paddling, mountain biking, swimming, rope work; however they can have any number of other sports as competitors journey across a course navigating from control point to control point.

Expedition Adventure Racing

Expedition style races are multi day and discipline adventures taking teams across long distances and varied landscapes. This is the ultimate in endurance racing. These races are about the journey. Teams navigate across a landscape collecting checkpoints while managing their own supplies and implementing sleep and nutrition strategies. They must be prepared for anything and be able to operate in harsh remote environments 

12/24hr Adventure Racing

This is adventure racing continuously for 12 or 24 hours across varied terrain and landscapes using a map and compass. Expect to have short but hard and some times technical legs as you traverse up to 200km. This style of racing can be a faster pace as teams push hard to beat tight time cut offs and head towards the finish. Support options for this style of racing ranges from unsupported to support crews moving gear to TA's and managing a teams nutrition. This is a great way to get into the sport and see if adventure racing is your thing.

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