Australian National Adventure Racing Series

TREK. KAYAK. BIKE. NAVIGATE. SURVIVE. The Adventure 1 Series is the premier National Adventure Racing series in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, bringing together the best athletes and races in the most challenging yet stunning landscapes each country has on offer.

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have a rich adventure racing history and of course a fierce Tri-Nations sporting rivalry.  Bringing these countries together under the banner of the Adventure 1 Series not only brings exciting domestic competition, but is helping grow the sport worldwide.

Each country has a selection of races, all NON-STOP, that can vary between 12 hrs and 48hrs in duration.  All races involve the core disciplines of trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and navigation. Athletes race in mixed gender teams of four (must have at least one male and female) and points are awarded at the end of each race according to a results scale and accumulated over the series to determine the National Adventure Racing Champions.

We love that the sport of Adventure Racing globally is gender neutral and promotes the benefits of mixed team dynamics.  We love seeing teams of 2 male and 2 female, but as long as you have at least one of each sex you qualify for the series.

Each team can call on up to 7 members across their selected races that count towards their season total.

The Adventure 1 Series features some of the world’s best endurance athletes and is bringing together a growing legion of fans, enthusiasts, participants and sponsors. 


It's your gateway to a lifestyle and community with the creation of the A1 Club, a home to both elite athletes and newbies to the sport where you can build, achieve and share your adventure racing dreams, and inspire others as they marvel at what you achieve. Being part of the A1 Club will become synonymous with conquering the ultimate in human endurance sports.

The Adventure 1 Series is designed to develop adventure racing and offers a range of race lengths. The National Adventure Racing Champions will be the team who can conquer not just the multi-day race lengths, but the heart stopping pace of the 12 and 24 hour races.


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