WILDSIDE 2022 is going to be tops!

Get ready to experience adventure!

Rego on Friday 30, Race days Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 October

The BARRINGTON COAST EDITION will take racers to wild spaces around Gloucester and Barrington NSW. This is a beautiful part of the north coast with flowing rivers, rocky outcrops, forests and plenty of vertical rise to explore. In teams of 4 or 2,  you will be thrust into the forests, lakes and rivers of the region navigating through spaces rarely visited, encountering challenges, as you traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night. This is adventure racing - you - immersed in the outdoors and focused on right now - no phone, no email, no work, no covid updates. Teams will have up to 48hrs to complete the journey, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint by foot, mountain bike and kayak. There will also be a couple of mystery disciplines in this years race just to spice things up.

You have 2 course options - a full and half - each with up to 48hrs race time. You can race in a team of 2 or 4. You can race with or without a support crew. However for the A1 National Series there are no support crews. Kayaks, paddles and PFDs are provided and if you need a mountain bike we can help.





But WILDSIDE BARRINGTON EDITION will be more than just a race,  it will be an adventure.

Let’s look at what you get for your money…

  • An action packed adventure race experience!

  • You will see and experience things most people don’t

  • You will get to visit some of the Barrington's secret spots

  • A race pack full of goodies, freebies and cool stuff

  • Your gear moved to each TA by a skilled logistics crew - no need for a support crew – if you need

  • Double Spirit CTR for paddle legs (unless you are racing solo or want to bring your own boat)

  • Team tracking and live race website for your friends and family at home

  • Full medical team on course

  • 2 sets of race maps

  • A very cool Wildside t-shirt

  • Awesome TAs and super friendly volunteers!

  • Uncomplicated logistics

  • Points in the A1 Australian Adventure Racing Series if you race the full course unsupported with the chance to win big prize money and be named the top AR team in Australia


  • Overall, one of the most spectacular and wild race experiences you will ever have!

Important Documents

As with any adventure there are some important documents. The first is the mandatory gear list. There is more detail on the gear page but put simply this is the gear you need to carry with you to race safe. The second is terms and conditions. There is extra information on the T&C page. These have been created so you are fully aware of the nature of event you are entering. Both documents are designed to ensure you have an incredible but safe experience.



Barrington Coast

Stretching from the rainforested highlands of Barrington Tops to the golden sand beaches of Forster, Seal Rocks and Hawks Nest, the Barrington Coast is a place of natural wonders and undiscovered adventures. Paddle along the waters of the Myall Lakes, marvel at tumbling waterfalls, explore lush national parks and be charmed by historic country towns.


Gloucester is a small country town with a remarkable backdrop of the Buccan Buccans (Bucketts Mountains) surrounded by productive farms and high forested mountains. The town sits in its own valley at the junction of three rivers - the Gloucester, Avon and Barrington - in the upper catchment of the Manning River. These waters that were born in the high altitude wetlands of Barrington Tops eventually meet the sea via the Manning River double delta at Harrington.

Gloucester is the closest town to renowned wilderness destinations in the Barrington Tops parklands, Woko and Copeland Tops. You’ll be enthralled by high altitude ancient rainforests, towering tree fern groves, snow gum glens and exhilarating mountain views. Gloucester has long enjoyed the epithet of basecamp for Barrington Tops so it’s the perfect place to set out on your Gondwana adventures.


Barrington Tops is the highest region on the Australian mainland outside the Snowy Mountains. (Mount Ossa in Tasmania at 1,617m just beats Brumlow Top 1586m). This plateau is an ancient shield volcano and enjoys a regular dusting of snow each winter. In 2019 the national park celebrated its 50th anniversary plus its 25th anniversary of world heritage listing. It’s truly something special, so come see for yourself.

You’ll be enthralled by high altitude ancient rainforests, towering tree fern groves and snow gums. Short walks will take you to waterfalls and cascades hidden in mossy glens plus lookouts with exhilarating mountain views across endless green. Gloucester has long enjoyed the epithet of basecamp for Barrington Tops so it’s the perfect place to set out on your Gondwana adventures.

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