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Adventure Racing is a great sport.

Now admittedly we are a little biased but that aside we do truly believe this sport has everything. Free from the restrictions of peak bodies and committees adventure racing provides a platform for individuals and businesses to get involved, support and participate. Of course the sport also needs sponsors and supporters to continue to grow. Wildside has a variety of opportunities for brands, businesses and products to gain exposure, increase sales and/or crate new markets. If you are in an industry that is looking for exposure in the outdoors market or work for a business that may be interested in accessing adventure racers and their networks then we would love to talk. Drop us a line.

Interested in getting involved in adventure racing?

Both financial and in-kind partnerships are available. We have partnership opportunities in many areas, and can promise you some amazing coverage, awesome product placement opportunities, gear testing, as well as an opportunity to contribute and be a part of a world class event!

Through our highly original events we are growing the adventure, racing and outdoor markets, creating an unparalleled opportunity for partners to align their brand with unique experiences that will be forever imprinted in the hearts and minds of participants. We are all about strategic partners and developing a long-term relationship. We aren’t after quick fixes or casual flings. But rather we are interested in partners who share our philosophy, are aligned with our values and who genuinely want to make a difference. We are all about creating raving fans – of our events, of the outdoors, of good wholesome experiences. As one of our key business partners you can tag along for the ride. Fully Rad offers a chance to connect with a space and community that is a little different, not mainstream, uniquely passionate and is entering an incredible growth phase.

If this sounds interesting then lets talk.

Some companies already a part or the Fully Rad community include Amp Human, Hammer Nutrition, Vital Origin, Agility Fit and Dirty Possum.



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