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What is adventure?

Adventure is about experiencing life. It is about looking at the world from a different perspective. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. It is about treading a different path, embracing your individuality and connecting with nature.

Adventure is not just hanging off a cliff on a rope it is exploring where you are and choosing to look at it differently. It’s going on a road trip not because you want to reach a particular destination, but because the journey there would awesome! 

Adventure is thinking big about who you are. It’s about identity, life and legacy. It fosters curiosity, grit, determination and resilience. Adventure is about getting outside our comfort zone, breaking your routine and committing to the lessons we learn in the outdoors, rising to challenges and unveiling our true potential. 

Every day can be an adventure.

Who is Fully Rad Adventures?

We are an outdoor adventure company that is creating a new outdoor events and a whole new reason to get outside. Founded in 2012 our events span adventure racing and exploration, a kid’s obstacle course, trail running and urban adventures all delivering an outdoor experience that is fun, rewarding and memorable. We’re suckers for the ‘let’s give it a crack’ excitement that comes with the unknown, and feel there is an element of magic in gong on an adventure.

Our values are simple ..

- We believe adventure is a way of life.

- We believe adventure is for everyone – no matter who you are, where you are from, what your circumstances are.

- We believe happiness is connected to experiencing your whole life as a series of adventures.

- We believe adventure is participation with the world and is everywhere.

Our goals are all centered on experiencing the outdoors ..

- Present safe, well organised world class events for competitors, spectators and stakeholders

- Increase awareness and appreciation of the outdoors 

- Protect and promote the natural environment through a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy 

- Create fun, theatrical and ‘out of the box’ events and experiences 

- Promote a fit, healthy and active lifestyle 

- Develop strong partnerships and strengthen communities through events and adventure

You can learn more about us on our website or Facebook page


WILDSIDE grew out of the need to get more ‘big’ adventure races on the Australian calendar and to create a pathway for teams and racers to build towards expedition racing. The best way to train and develop a team, the biggest part of AR, is to race. The problem is that there was only a handful of long adventure races on offer. So we created a race that will go some way to filling this gap. Over the past years we have taken racers to beautiful and challenges spaces and plan to do so for years to come.

At its heart, however, WILDSIDE is fundamentally about you. We want it to be the kind of event you want to do, an event you look forward to. WILDSIDE will take you somewhere new. You will be a different racer after you have done this race – that we can promise. So stop talking about it or wondering what an adventure race is like and get organised. This race is your race. The team at Fully Rad Adventure's wants you to have an epic life changing experience. Come and race WILDSIDE. We know you will love it.

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