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WILDSIDE24 is going to the big - really big!

It is 10 years of WILDSIDE

3 - 7 October 2024 Forster NSW - 60hr, 30hr or 15hr

WILDSIDE is celebrating 10yrs of adventure and heading back to where it all began - back to the spiritual home of Fully Rad Adventures - Forster, NSW, Australia.

WILDSIDE24 will take racers to wild spaces around Forster and Great Lakes, Manning Valley and Gloucester - back to where it all started in 2014! Get ready for a long epic course that will take your breath away. The course will capture incredible locations and secret spots. You won't want to miss this one.

In teams of 4 or 2 you will explore spaces rarely visited, encountering challenges, as you traverse lakes, coastline, forests, rivers and beaches in all weather conditions, day and night. This is adventure racing - you - immersed in the outdoors and focused on right now - no phone, no email, no work. Teams will have 3 course options - 15hrs, 30hrs or 60hrs - completing the journey, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint by foot, mountain bike and kayak.

If you have been searching for that next big challenge, an experience that will change you or for an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime then the WILDSIDE ADVENTURE RACE is your event and 2024 is your year.

Lock in your 2024 great big adventure fix with a healthy dose of wildside adventure!






will be more than just a race,  it will be a celebration of adventure.

Let’s look at what you get for your money…

  • An action packed adventure race experience!

  • You will see and experience things most people don’t

  • You will get to visit some of the regions secret spots - places only locals know

  • A race pack full of goodies, freebies and cool stuff

  • Your gear moved to each TA by a skilled logistics crew - no need for a support crew – if you need

  • A kayak at no cost.

  • Team tracking and live race website for your friends and family at home

  • Full medical team on course

  • 2 sets of race maps

  • A very very cool Wildside 10th anniversary t-shirt

  • Awesome TAs and super friendly volunteers!

  • Uncomplicated logistics

  • Post race awards function


  • Overall, one of the most spectacular and wild race experiences you will ever have!




Race HQ

Update coming soon


Update coming soon

Important Documents

As with any adventure there are some important documents. The first is the mandatory gear list. There is more detail on the gear page but put simply this is the gear you need to carry with you to race safe. The second is terms and conditions. There is extra information on the T&C page. These have been created so you are fully aware of the nature of event you are entering. Both documents are designed to ensure you have an incredible but safe experience.

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